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  • Based in the Clifton area of Bristol, I'm a mobile homeopath - I visit you.

  • I tend to work in and around the Bristol area, I also travel further afield.

  • I can also use Zoom, Skype and phone for consultations for convenience and to enable treatment worldwide.

Home Visits

I bring a homeopathy service to the comfort of your home or place of work, saving you the time and expense of travel.

Zoom, Skype and Phone

If I haven't already seen you in person, it can be helpful for us both to use Skype for a few minutes to help get a sense of each other visually, though I find it more effective to just use voice - via phone, Skype, or any other system, with a camera being useful for seeing some physical symptoms.

Payment is at the normal rate by BACS (bank transfer) and with PayPal there is a small surcharge of 3% on top of my normal charges to cover PayPal's fee to me.

Tel: 07727 130627

Your Consultation

All kinds of people see me bringing with them an array of physical, mental and emotional symptoms they'd like helped. Contact me if you feel you'd like to briefly discuss your particular situation before arranging an appointment.

Sessions are relaxed and unhurried, with the time and space to allow you to fully express yourself, and for me to help you focus on the areas that appear most relevant.

During the consultation we can explore what stands in the way of your health and vitality in all ways, not just physically. I aim to help you to understand and engage more fully with your situation. The remedies also help with this.

The initial consultation lasts for approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours, usually less for children.

I find out as much information as possible to choose the remedy to begin your treatment. Each initial consultation is individual to the patient, it includes:

  • full details and the history of your presenting complaint
  • any other problems you may have
  • a detailed overview of your body and its characteristics
  • how you are as a person
  • what you like and what you are attracted to
  • what kind of things you are sensitive to or react to
  • events in your life which may be relevant to your present condition

And then what?

You receive a remedy either during the consultation or after I have done some further study on your case.

The first follow-up appointment is usually 5 - 6 weeks after the first.

Communications and remedies are included in the initial fee for a month after you first take the remedy. In rare cases, this can involve a great deal of contact which may require further payment - this will be discussed if necessary.

Follow-up consultations last for up to one hour and include a full assessment of your progress and a review of your aims for treatment.

After each follow up appointment, there is again a month where communications and remedies are included.

Once we go past the month without an appointment, I work by having a running clock, and charge 25 per hour for speaking, emailing, texting, working on the case etc. Remedies are not charged for within that.

Homeopathy in Nature

A unique variation on consultations that I offer are outdoor sessions. We meet at a location of your choice, I take notes, we walk, we can sit too, and you talk. Just the same as a consultation indoors, but with the added benefit of nature and movement. See here for more about the "Homeopathy in Nature" sessions.

Consultation Fees

Cost Approximate Duration
Adult initial consultation £75.00 1 ½ to 2 hours
Adult follow-up consultation £50.00 1 hour
Child initial consultation £55.00 1 ½ hours
Child follow-up consultation £40.00 1 hour

I offer a 10% reduction on the total consultation fees when seeing more than one person on a visit, or on seeing a second or further child within a month of another child.

The cost of homeopathic remedies is included in the fee.

A 50% charge is payable for cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment time, a 100% fee is payable if I arrive and you're not available.

Travel Fee

There is no fee for my travel, from Hotwells to you, for the first 20 mins. After this I charge 17 per hour (each way) to cover fuel and time. The travel time is worked out via Google maps at non peak hours.

For example, there is no extra cost to most areas of Bristol, or to Portishead, Avonmouth, Backwell, or Winford. Looking at the central areas of towns, the additional travel fee for Keynesham is 2, Yate 5, Thornbury 6, Weston-Super-Mare and Bath 14, Gloucester 16, and Frome 21.

Details of the cost of many other locations can be found here.

The cost of my travel for longer distances can be offset when other members of your family or friends abook. There is only one travel fee per journey whether seen at the same location or nearby, as well as an extra 10% off the consultation fee for seeing more than one person per visit at the same location.

Urgent and Acute Treatment

Outside of weekends and holidays, I'll respond as soon as I can. If I'm not able to respond to you as quickly as you need, you can call the Homeopathy Helpline which is a professional service run by Registered homeopaths available from 9am to midnight each day. This is a Premium Rate number regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority and costs £1.55 per minute. The maximum call duration is usually 10 minutes, frequently much shorter, and is charged directly to your phone bill. The telephone number is 0906 5343 404.

My Background

I have been practising homeopathy professionally in Bristol since 1987.

After graduating in Social Psychology at the University of Kent at Canterbury in 1984, I began training with Misha Norland at the School of Homeopathy in Devon, qualifying in 1987. This training focussed me in the discipline of "classical" homeopathy and taking time to hear the whole story of my patients.

I continue to develop my skills and now include other methods of prescribing beyond the "classical" model, whilst maintaining that approach as the basis and as an aim.

Since 1980 I have studied yoga, including a 2 year British Wheel of Yoga teacher training course and teaching several weekly yoga classes from 1987-93. The yoga had a significant effect on the way I practised homeopathy, and developed into the work which created Well Mother with Suzanne Yates in 1990. I was a partner in directing and developing Well Mother until 2006 by which time it was operating internationally including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Between 1998 and 2005 I was involved with the Society of Homeopaths developing a course, teaching, mentoring, and assessing qualified homeopaths to enable them to achieve registration (RSHom).

Over the years I have been involved in provings of a few remedies. There is the remedy I made myself from the light of the planet Venus, and a remedy some colleagues and I made from Pink Alabaster which was collected from Blue Anchor Bay near Minehead. I collated information about the remedy Hekla Lava, made from volcanic ash of Mount Hekla in Iceland, including the experience of people holding the remedy.

I have been a prover of the remedies Chocolate, Amber (succinum), Grass Snake (natrix-natrix) and Sea Otter (enhydra lutris).

Over recent years outside of homeopathy, I have pursued my love of music with guitar, singing, and songwriting.

Society of Homeopaths

I am registered with the Society of Homeopaths and abide by 'The Society's Code of Ethics and Practice', and work within the professional guidelines described by 'The Society's Core Criteria for Homeopathic Practice' and 'National Occupational Standards for Homeopathy'.