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Here is an article about Homeopathy and Physics looking at a variety of explanations of how homeopathy may work.

"Provings" of substances are at the very root of homeopathy. A substance is given to a group of healthy people, their personal observations are collected which gives an overall picture of that substance in terms of mental, emotional and physical descriptions.

A substance can then be given to people who have problems that are similar to those discovered in the proving process.

Below are a few provings that I was involved in.

  • Alabaster
    The full proving of a new remedy made from transluscent salmon pink/orange alabaster. There is an introduction to the substance and a list of all the provers symptoms grouped by repertory heading.

  • Hekla Lava
    This is a relatively unexplored remedy from Iceland that I came to study. It isn't in the strict Hahnemannian tradition of remedy "proving" but it may stimulate you to consider it in a different way, and bring results that begin to uncover new aspects of it.

  • Venus Stella Errans - Updated October 2018
    Proved in 1996. There were remedies made from sunlight and moonlight, so I wondered if anything could happen with taking it that extra bit further with the light from Venus.
  • I doubted it would, but here are the results, judge for yourselves.