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The supervision I offer is centred around helping you develop your style of practice with confidence and efficiency. It covers case work, consultation techniques, practice management, self development and personal issues relating to your work, and anything specific your college might require.

I treat supervision in much the same way as I do a consultation with a patient. My style is open, relaxed and personable. An aim is to keep the process simple where appropriate, and then I encourage the habit of self reflection.with a need to get to the underlying issues and help you move on. I don't focus on dryly checking through case notes, rubric selection and giving prescription approval. I am sensitive to the needs of students who feel daunted by supervision who can feel they are in the goldfish bowl of being watched during live case taking. I'm there to support you, barely noticable unless you invite me to engage with anything.

I suggest we speak first to discuss our needs and see if we get on. If all feels good we can arrange a "tester" supervision meeting in person after which we can plan more for the future. If you live a long distance away, we can initiate sessions by Skype/Zoom.


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Experience and Training
I was part of a peer supervision group which worked very intensely from the beginning of my practice and for the following seven years. I have trained in supervision with Sheila Ryan for many years. I've been an assessor, course facilitator, and programme co-designer on the Society of Homeopaths Registration Programme which essentially engages in supervision issues and processing as part of the path towards registration.


Cost and Other Details
Your patients can be paying for all your supervision needs if you are a student. My fee is £25 per hour for 1 supervisee, £30 for 2, £35 for 3, and £40 per hour for 4+ supervisees. The fee is the same rate for any extra email work and live case taking supervision.

There is no additional travel cost if within Bristol or within 20 minutes travel time for me. Beyond that I may charge a small fee to cover fuel and time.
Travel fees for specific locations can be seen here.
Contact me to discuss further.