The Homeopathic Proving of "Venus Stella Errans"

Here is some information about the homeopathic proving of "Venus Stella Errans". This is written primarily for professional homeopaths and those with an understanding of homeopathy, though I hope it is accessible and stimulating for all.

The remedy was made from the focussed light of the planet Venus. It was given to a number of people, without them knowing what it was, who recorded the symptoms they then experienced.

The details of the proving posted here are to my best knowledge accurate and confirmed, though this is not the finished article and it may be that some symptoms are disgarded or corrected in the process of compiling and sorting the information. Any thoughts about what the remedy is about and what pathology it may relate to are given here as developing ideas and are not by any means intended to be definitive!

 The remedy has been used in one acute case and one deep chronic case. Just to give you an idea, the acute case was basically one of post-operative exhaustion and spaced outness. There had been no response to Phosphorus which seemed indicated. The chronic case had many elements, but the presenting symptoms were inertia, and unfocussed thinking. A couple of interesting "signature" phrases there. Further details of these two cases are available from the links below ( Not the chronic one yet).

I will update this and the pages linked to below over time including some more details of the proving and some explanation of what a proving is all about and how it is conducted. Provings are one side of the scientific base upon which homeopathy is built. A substance that produces symptoms in healthy individuals will cure those same symptoms when given to people who are sick with them. When it is given in a highly diluted and "potentised" form, it will work without any toxic side effects. This may appear strange to most people but it is in fact a consistantly proven law of nature, most evident in two centuries of homeopathic practice around the world.

This is why this proving was conducted, to discover the symptoms that can be caused by the light of Venus, and so be able to cure those symptoms when found in ill-health. Just as an individual with sea-sickness may exhibit the symptoms that are similar to those in an over indulgence of tobacco, it is not necessary for the illness to be caused by that substance for it to be cured by it (Tobacco or "Tabacum" in potentised form is an often useful homeopathic remedy for sea-sickness).

Whilst I don't think that the symptoms that can be cured by this remedy will be ones caused by exposure to the light of Venus, it is possible that individuals who have these symptoms are sensitive or susceptible to it. It is one of the many interesting aspects of this proving. We already know people can be affected by the Sun and Moon. A further possibility is that venus may be significant in their astrological birth chart, or maybe the position of venus at the time of making the remedy relates to the chart. Until I have completed the gathering and organising of the provers symptoms, and some sense of the remedy "picture" has emerged, I am resisting the temptation to even look up where Venus was astrologically at the time of making the remedy.

The fact that there was any significant effect at all on the provers is more than interesting. From other remedies made from the light of different stellar objects, we may be able to draw some clearer conclusions as to the specific nature of the light from these objects as opposed to having the possibility that the focussed light of any object has a similar or even uniform effect. Since conducting this proving I have learded that Doug W. Smith from the USA had made a series of remedies using a similar method from stars. He only conducted casual testings on himself and his wife but, more recently Jeremy Sherr has used Doug's light of the star "Polaris" to conduct a proving. He found that there were two intertwining threads of symptoms, those that may be attributed to the captured light and those that relate more to the method of making the remedy. This does seem to reflect my findings to some degree though I found it far more the substance that came through. Archived info on Doug's initial proving can be found by clicking on "Polaris". Jeremy Sherr has his later proving of Polaris available to buy here.

Since I did this proving of Venus, a couple of other planet provings have been done.

Jupiter was made in July 2008 near Moscow by Olga Fatoula and Leonid Anikeev. The here.

Saturn was made by Patricia Mayer in April 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts. here and here.

For full details of the proving I eventually intend to publish a small booklet. If you are interested in receiving this, email me, including your postal address, and I shall let you know when it is available.

The remedy itself is available from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in the UK. At the time of writing this, it has been potentised up to 200c, and you need to phone or email them to arrange buying it.

View of Venus from Mariner 10
Copyright by Calvin J. Hamilton
(This is similar to the phase of Venus when the remedy was made)

For quality information (including excerts from his book) and pics of Venus visit "Venus Revealed: A New Look Below the Clouds of our Mysterious Twin Planet" by David Harry Grinspoon.

More good info and pics, including downloadable rotating mpegs of venus, are at Venus Introduction at "Views of the Solar System" website by Calvin J. Hamilton.



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