View of Venus from Mariner 10
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Why Not Just "Venus" ?

I first thought the remedy name would be "Venus" (abbrev: venus ?), but realised the potential confusion between it and "Venus Mercenaria" (abbrev: ven-m), the South American scallop, especially on ordering the remedy. I also realised that although "Venus" is used as the name of the planet it is actually an archetype, so I need to be specific about what "Venus" the remedy is of.  

"Venus the Planet" sounds like "Pluto the Dog"; the universal latin naming of remedies is established and appropriate so, the options were "Venus Planetes" or "Venus Stella Errans". "Planetes" is the latin for "planet". It is a more modern latin term, replacing the older "stella errans", which means "moving star" (star used to be the name of a bright object in the sky, not referring to a "sun" as it does now).

I chose the name Venus Stella Errans beacause it is more descriptive, feels more in resonance with the remedy and I just think it sounds better. The abbreviation I suggest is "ven-s-e", again to distinguish it from the scallop.

Thanks to Janet Burns for the guidance with the latin grammar.

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