The Homeopathic Proving of
"Venus Stella Errans"


A Provers Symptoms

The following is the raw information taken from a provers notebook, added to from her proving supervisors notebook and ordered into headings. All provers were given instructions asking them to write down all symptoms they experienced including those that were new, unusual, old (returned), modified and normal for them. Confirmed normal symptoms for each individual are taken away leaving symptoms related to taking the remedy. This information has been checked with the prover and additions and subtractions have been made where necessary whilst retaining her phrasing when possible.
The numbers to the left are the days the particular symptoms were experienced after the first symptoms of the proving were noticed (in a few cases it is not so clear, hence a "?"). In this case, the symptoms were noticed immediately. Day 0 is the day (and short period after taking the remedy, as it was 23.30 hrs at the time) of the first noticed symptoms.

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  Prover S

12/5/96 23.30
1 dose


0 Tingling around body as though edges of body are blurred, a feeling of space
0 Very much in my body at the same time as feeling floaty and aware of the universe around me. Drifting as though very tired yet also able to focus
0 Relaxed, meditative state. Heightened awareness, expansive feelings as though would go out forwards from body
0 Desire to put fingers over eyes, pressed in, very black. Later desired to go into blackness again. Felt scared at first, then safe
0 Desire to put fingertips under orbits of eyes
0 Cupping whole face with hands, bringing energy in
0 Feelings intangible, some ritual of light and dark
0 Image of a goddess, outline shape. ? pale blue, still and strong and clear?
0 Feel more energised after a rush of energy, although still tired, like after meditation
0 Posture feels embracing, rounder
0 Disorientated. Know Iíve written something down but canít find it. Doubt. Then I find it. Certainty then doubt. Spacey feeling
0 Difficult to switch from one thing to another

1 Slightly spacey, floaty feel this morning
1 More aware of hands. Desire to kneed with them. Feel that kind of doughy energy. Usually want to bite my nails and I donít want to do that
1 More aware of head, face and upper body
1 Canít do too many heady intellectual things or I start going off
1 My energy has felt up all day. I keep thinking ďthis is how I used to beĒ buzzing around all over the place, finding it hard to relax, not wanting to cook chewing nails all the time
1 Moved on in resolving my issues with money - today asking to and being paid a reasonable rate for my work. Aware of being understood and acting on it

2 Very spacey. Unfocussed. Canít make up my mind what to do. Canít settle. Restless (Sleep ameliorates). Mind muddled. (Worse than normal pre-menstrual symptoms)
2 Memories, keep going back, to early 20ís when I felt like this before - it was all happening to me, not able to get a grip on it all.

4 Not feeling all that in touch with myself.
4 Thoughts of destruction- of myself and others, son and daughter. E.g. Them falling over edge of boat we were on, me pushing them over edge of a bridge, me jumping over edge of a bridge. Accompanied by fear. Fear I would do it, I may do something destructive. Fine line between life and death. These thoughts very intrusive.

4-to-9 Anxiety for others getting killed. Potential for death and destruction in everything, accompanied by fear. How I could cause death to family.

11 Fear with visualising of car falling over edge of road in mountains. Daughter voiced similar fears. Potential of destruction in everything.
11 Feeling quite depressed. Low in energy and low in spirits. Thinking back to past- keep going further back. Ten years ago, then eighteen, then twenty two. Feel in a bit of a daze. Unclear thoughts, memories. Times which were quite ďhappyĒ but in which I wasnít connected with my body - rushing, feeling awkward, not grounded. Was in places I had been to in past with ex-boyfriend and also with parents at different times.
11 During cold, with rest I feel ameliorated physically but worse mentally.
11 Feel bound and uncomfortable in my body. Feel wiped out.

12 Feeling better- fears not so strong, nor physical clumsiness. Not as tired. Cold symptoms cleared.

5 months. Brought up nothing positive at the time but since lots has improved. Clearer about physical environment, threw out lots. Cleared out relationship with sister, she wonít be in my life. Felt a lot about past whilst on holidays (i.e. soon after taking remedy) and since have let go of a lot of it. Redefined relationship to past. Not bound down by my past anymore. First symptoms of light and dark, death and destruction were like my past feelings of the dark where someone would be coming up and killing me violently. This remedy has a very destructive side to it - life and death.



0 Less busy feel to them than recently



2 Dizziness



0 Tingling above left eye

1 Heat (Hot flushes ) in head. worse focusing, ameliorated by resting

? congestion



?0 Cold around eyes, now beginning to feel shivery?

11 Watering (during cold)





2 Aching and buzzing (like a bee but more fuzzy) in ears



11 Clear watery snot



2 Sore. Phlegm.



2 Feel a bit sick.



2 Cramp, like would get before menses.



? Urinating more than usual.

11 Need to wee a lot.



2 Cramp, like would get before menses.

? Stomach cramps, period pains.



0 Warm feeling especially in chest heart area.



2 Tightness in shoulder.



0 Tingling.



0 Warm feeling inside.

?0 Cold around eyes, now beginning to feel shivery?

1 Tired
1 If I begin to go into spacey feeling I almost feel Iíd get hot flushes, P.M.T. kind of feel. Agitation. How Iíd imagine the menopause might feel.

2 Restless, almost shaky (pre-menstrual). Sleep ameliorates

2 Feel hot now and again.

?. Cold, chilly feeling. Need warmth.

?. Sluggishness.

11 Cold. Tired after little activity.






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