The Homeopathic Proving of
"Venus Stella Errans"


Themes and Repertory

Below is an ongoing process of translating the symptoms of the provers into repertory language and a description of themes that appear. Between the two lies a general appreciation of the remedy.

I'm currently (October '18) finishing the repertory additions. The themes of the remedy I'm considering and will include soon.



All the below symptoms are verified, there are possibly a few additions to come. This is very near completion and will be added to computer reps asap.

Plain type is level 1
Bold is level 2
Bold underlined is level 3

Mind Symptoms

Mind; absorbed, buried in thought; dreamy
Mind; abstraction of mind
Mind; affectionate
Mind; affectionate; active
Mind; air; open; amel.
Mind; anger
Mind; anger; mistakes, about his
Mind; anger; taciturn, with
Mind; anger; oneself, with
Mind; anger; silent, pent up
Mind; anger; suppressed, controlled
Mind; anxiety
Mind; audacity
Mind; awkwardness
Mind; awkwardness; accident prone
Mind; benevolence
Mind; brooding
Mind; carefree
Mind; cares, worries, full of
Mind; cheerfulness
Mind; company; aversion to
Mind; company; aversion to; solitude, desire for
Mind; concentration; difficult
Mind; confidence; want of self
Mind; confusion of mind
Mind; confusion of mind; waking, on
Mind; confusion of mind; dream, as if in a
Mind; confusion of mind; intoxicated feeling
Mind; consciousness expanded
Mind; contradict, disposition to
Mind; conversation; aversion to
Mind; conversation; aversion to; small talk
Mind; delusions, imaginations; alien, aliens; she is
Mind; delusions, imaginations; face is unfamiliar
Mind; delusions, imaginations; legs; belong to her, do not
Mind; delusions, imaginations; rejected, ostracised, she is
Mind; delusions, imaginations; separated; world, from, one is
Mind; delusions, imaginations; separated; world, from, one is; floating in inner self
Mind; delusions, imaginations; space; bodily space, energy and dimension
Mind; detached
Mind; dream, as in a
Mind; dullness
Mind; dullness; morning
Mind; dullness; morning; waking, on
Mind; dullness; sleepiness, with
Mind; dwells; events, on past disagreeable
Mind; dwells; events, on past disagreeable; childhood, on his
Mind; ecstasy
Mind; enthusiasm
Mind; estranged; family, from her
Mind; euphoria, elation
Mind; exhilaration
Mind; exhilaration; stimulants, as from
Mind; extravagance
Mind; fastidious
Mind; fear; accidents, of
Mind; fear; happen; something will; bad, evil
Mind; fear; killing, of
Mind; fear; killing, of; child, her
Mind; finery, luxurious clothing, wants
Mind; forgetfulness
Mind; forgetfulness; waking, on
Mind; forgetfulness; words, for
Mind; forsaken feeling
Mind; forsaken feeling; weeping, with
Mind; forsaken feeling; friendless, feels
Mind; forsaken feeling; isolation, sensation of
Mind; grief
Mind; grief; loved ones, for long lost
Mind; ideas; abundant
Mind; ideas; instability of, unsettled state of mind
Mind; impatience
Mind; indecision, irresolution
Mind; indifference, apathy
Mind; indifference, apathy; work, with aversion to
Mind; indifference, apathy; circumstances, to adverse
Mind; indolence, aversion to work
Mind; intimacy, desire for
Mind; intolerance
Mind; introspection
Mind; introspection; awareness of surroundings, with
Mind; irritability
Mind; irritability; impatience, with
Mind; irritability; waking; agg.
Mind; irritability; husband, towards
Mind; irritability; people, with
Mind; love; humanity, for
Mind; love; nature, for
Mind; mildness
Mind; mildness; complaining, bears suffering, even outrage, without
Mind; mischievous
Mind; mistakes, making; writing, in
Mind; mistakes, making; writing, in; words; repeating
Mind; misunderstood, feels
Mind; occupation, diversion; amel.
Mind; order, desire for
Mind; rage, fury
Mind; relaxed feeling, letting go
Mind; reproaches; ailments from, agg.
Mind; rest; agg.
Mind; restlessness, nervousness
Mind; sadness
Mind; sadness; weariness, with
Mind; sadness; weeping; with
Mind; sadness; silent
Mind; self-control; loss of
Mind; senses; acute; birds, for
Mind; sensitive, oversensitive; impressions, to all external
Mind; sensitive, oversensitive; light, to
Mind; sensitive, oversensitive; noise, to
Mind; sensitive, oversensitive; sensual impressions, to
Mind; sleepiness, with
Mind; squanders
Mind; stupefaction, as if intoxicated
Mind; stupefaction, as if intoxicated; sleepiness, with
Mind; stupefaction, as if intoxicated; weakness; with general
Mind; taciturn, indisposed to talk
Mind; taciturn, indisposed to talk; superficial matters, about
Mind; talk, talking, talks; abrupt; snappish
Mind; thoughts; clearness of
Mind; thoughts; persistent; morbid
Mind; thoughts; persistent; tormenting
Mind; thoughts; persistent; violent
Mind; thoughts; wandering
Mind; time; timelessness
Mind; vulnerable, emotionally
Mind; walk, walking; amel.; air, in open
Mind; weeping, tearful mood
Mind; weeping, tearful mood; ecstasy, in
Mind; will; loss of
Mind; witty
Mind; yielding disposition
Mind; yielding disposition; no, cannot say



Mind; dreams; accidents, of; car, with
Mind; dreams; amorous
Mind; dreams; angry
Mind; dreams; caterpillars, silkworms
Mind; dreams; child, children; babies
Mind; dreams; child, children; fondness for
Mind; dreams; clairvoyant
Mind; dreams; deception, of
Mind; dreams; driving a; car
Mind; dreams; electrocution, of
Mind; dreams; eyes
Mind; dreams; friends; meeting, of
Mind; dreams; growing things
Mind; dreams; guilt
Mind; dreams; helping
Mind; dreams; hiding
Mind; dreams; hiding; danger, from
Mind; dreams; husband; ex, former
Mind; dreams; inadequate, feels
Mind; dreams; isolated, being
Mind; dreams; journey, travelling
Mind; dreams; kidnappers
Mind; dreams; killing
Mind; dreams; love
Mind; dreams; love; fallen in
Mind; dreams; mirror
Mind; dreams; mother, of; in law
Mind; dreams; murder
Mind; dreams; mushrooms
Mind; dreams; organizing
Mind; dreams; parents, of
Mind; dreams; remorse, of
Mind; dreams; shameful
Mind; dreams; shooting
Mind; dreams; spiritual
Mind; dreams; stabbed
Mind; dreams; teaching, of
Mind; dreams; train, tram
Mind; dreams; unpleasant
Mind; dreams; violence
Mind; dreams; water; sea, ocean, of
Mind; dreams; water; swimming in


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