The Homeopathic Proving of “Venus Stella Errans”


Clinical Experience

So far I have only a few cases of clinical use of Venus. At this stage I'm just putting out the information here with little case analysis. You can decide for yourself how effective you think it may have been in each case. Some details of the cases are excluded or changed for confidentiality purposes, but they are as clear and complete as possible.


Post Operative Malaise -The Case of G

G (45 years) came to me with concern about an operation for having her varicose veins removed, wanting to know what would be best to take to help heal afterwards. There are many interesting mental/emotional symptoms relating to her situation and some may well be relevant, but for the moment I'll just give you the acute summary.

I gave her Arnica 30 and Hamemellis 6 to take over the first few days, also Phosphorus 30 to take after the operation if she needed it. I asked her to contact me if she needed to.

The evening after the operation G felt "not with it" "very tired" "staring into space when tired". Hadn't taken the Phosphorus I had recommended for this, she wasn't sure about it. RX Phosphorus 30

The following day G reported her sleep had been very poor and there was no change in the other symptoms. RX Phosphorus 30 to be repeated after 4 hours if no change.

Later that evening and after three doses of Phosphorus in total, there was still no change. I had never known Phosphorus 30 not work for the after effects of anaesthetic. I was about to give her Phosphorus 200, and recalled the symptoms of Venus S.E. I had been compiling. There was a similarity. RX Venus S.E. 200

The following day G reported the following:-
She had slept well.
Overall energy been much better, but now really tired - had a deep and intense day.
Has been less spaced out, can think now, though beginning to feel these symptoms returning.
Was experiencing old stored up feelings of isolation and fear from when was in hospital as a child.
Like coming out of prison, coming back into the world.
RX Venus S.E. 200

Immediately, she reported feeling more grounded and relaxed and sleepy.

The following day, G reported still feeling much more grounded, better in herself but still tired and exhausted easily.

I felt reticent to repeat Venus S.E. here partly through being unfamiliar with it and went on to try two other remedies over the next week, none of which brought any significant improvement. It could be seen that some of G's remaining symptoms were proving symptoms of Venus S.E., which made me a little wary about over prescription, but I feel this is unlikely due to her general improvement.

So, maybe try Venus S.E. as a remedy to help deal with the after effects of anaesthetic if all else fails. There may be pointers towards using it before Phosphorus but I don't feel qualified to give this yet. So far I have only used it in this way once.


Ist Day of a Period - The case of M

(This is just an initial write up of this case - more later when I have clarified some of the symptoms with her)

M is 40 y/o and generally has few problems with her menses. Ever since the birth of her 1st child the menstrual cramps she has have decreased, leaving only a moderate irritability pre-menstrually, and a tiredness on day one of the flow. Constitutionally, she reports that a few remedies have helped her general emotional and energetic state. The main problem being lack of energy and a workaholic/fastidious excess. The remedies have been Sulphur, Carcinosin, Nux Vomica and Sepia, with none being that conclusive but she reports all helped move her on somewhat.

I saw her on the first day of her period. Her symptoms were:

Depressed, negative, worthless, feels incompetent, overwhelmed.
Feeling ungrounded, unable to concentrate.
Uterine cramps.
Heat in head and chest, flushed feeling.

There were no real modalities that might have led to e.g. sepia, Pulsatilla in this case. The overall picture reminded me of Venus, notably the symptoms of tiredness, inability to concentrate, and the polarity of vulnerability/lack of focus/tiredness <---> irritability/tension. Five minutes after having a single dose of Venus-S-E 30c she was more able to get on with her day, the cramps, the tiredness and lack of focus particularly being improved (by about 90%). Later, that evening, she still needed to go to bed early but was more balanced emotionally and not in pain.

This is a case where I didn't expect all symptoms to "vanish" but hoped, at best, for her to be more in balance and for her to be able to cope with the day despite having a need of rest on the first and heaviest flowing, day of her menses. This is someone to whom I have given a supply of the remedy to take in similar circumstances, but have no further incidences to report on as yet.




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