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Anxious dreams - in a church for a posh wedding but I was wearing jeans.
1A 02

Anxious dreams - a man was mending his car in front of a building I was in, he attached heavy chains to the building and drove off. The house started to creak and groan and I was anxious that it would collapse with me inside it.
1A 02

My mother bought my late grandmothers flat for me to use as a homeopathic practice. She asked Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen from changing rooms to decorate it. It was done up in bright Barbie pink and filled with clockwork toys and girly ornaments. I absolutely adored it. Usually I like very plain decor and am not very interested in interior design or clothes.
1A 04 US

Lots of dreams but couldn't remember them.
1A 05

A wonderful dream, I was with my late grandparents on a beautiful beach, taking their photograph with an old fashioned camera. They looked as they did 20 years ago, I was so happy to see them. It was a very sunny happy dream.
1A 11

Another warm, friendly, happy dream, I was with an old boyfriend from the 80's who is now married with a family. I was totally accepted as part of the family. He was about to undergo surgery but it was not an anxious dream, I was going to help him and be there for him.
1A 12

Bad dreams with faces appearing out of the dark (bad weather, heavy wind and rain).
1A 13

Another happy dream, again with my boyfriend from the 80's, it was summer and we were in a strange underwater building, sitting under trees in the sunshine. Very idyllic dream. We kissed in the sunshine. Very nostalgic and happy, knew he was married in real life but in the dream it didn't matter. Sense of inevitability that we would kiss.
1A 15

Recurring themes of dreams:
- young, romantic, happy, carefree
- nostalgic dreams of late family and past happy times
- lots of water, clear blue water, sea, crystal clear lakes
- sunny weather, warm and comforting
"hiraeth" Welsh word - feeling of belonging and homesickness, yearning for home and family.
1A 15

I was on a pier over the sea looking for my car (Citroen 2cv sold years ago).
1A 16

At on open air summer wedding, everyone was diving into clear blue sea.
1A 20

Again, on the clouds. The dream was with a friend from Brazil who died more than 20 years ago.
2B 02

Had a dream again, with friends from Brazil that I haven’t seen for ages.
2B 03

Had a dream again, and again it was with a friend who I haven’t seen for ages.
2B 04

Had a dream with my mum. (She passed away six years ago).
2B 05

No dream.
2B 06

Pleasant dream.
3B 05

Someone stole my purse, cheque book and card. Bag had been left somewhere undone. They’d wrote loads of cheque and spent my money. From this dream, I’ve decided to keep cheque book and card separate.
4C 01 NS

Visited my shiatsu teacher. Made connection with the source.
4C 01 NS

In a house a lot bigger than our house - huge entry way. Kept discovering new bits of house we hadn’t realised were there. Was doing some work on the house and opened up a door which had been closed. Behind it was a storage space we’d forgotten about, where there were clothes hanging out to dry. Also, there was a scooter (in the dream too small for my son, in reality his scooter isn’t). We were puzzled as to why we hadn’t realised the clothes were missing - they’d been there for several years. It felt like there was suddenly all this extra space in the house that we’d forgotten about.
4C 03 NS

"D" said that she was not going to produce any more things to sell at the market a she was too old now (she’s 84 in reality).
6A 02

"M" invited a few market friends for a meal at her home. The others went inside and I stayed out in the garden. M came out looking for specific leaves for garnish. One had to be brown. I helped her look and she ended up taking a dead curled up laurel.
6A 02

A lot of people walking around a large undercover area such as a railway or airport. There was a yellow straight wide "pathway" marked. No-one was using it - everyone was just (making) random movements.
6A 04

My husband and I were being shown hotel rooms. Every bathroom had different ornate tiles. Husband not in next scene - three dark wood doors in hotel at end of corridor. Then we were both in bedroom overlooking racecourse on raceday. Lots of people in the garden area below. We fell asleep and missed the racing. Woke to see three men in suits looking out of window and talking. They soon left, ignoring us completely.
6A 04

I went by bus to Commercial Street. There is actually a roundabout there, but in the dream the sea was there. I stood talking to someone on the beach. Then I was in a small shop holding the lead of a retriever guide dog. I remembered that I had forgotten my shopping trolley on the beach. I wedged the lead under the shop door and went to look for the trolley. The tide had come in and several bags were floating. I found my bag and the trolley separately. The bag contained only goods for the charity shop.
6A 05

Part of a dream - large expanse of sand, someone using a large JCB type machine to make fence posts with tree trunks. There was an elephant there at the time.
6A 06

Dream involved large circus tent with sawdust.
6A 08

Picnic overlooking large wooded area. With WI friends - food pronounced unusable so would have to go back the next day.
6A 09

Had moved to Midlands area on the edge of a town, with only one house nearer to the countryside than ours. I did not like it. House very basic. Neighbours died a few days after we arrived. We went away a week after moving (for a holiday?). House and garden still untidy from the move. Had not taken a lot of our belongings. Several people came at different times looking for our neighbour, so we had to tell them she had died.
6A 11

Artist painting racehorses racing very close to him.
6A 13

Husband and I went to stay at a bed and breakfast. We went for a walk with two other people. Knocked on the door of a scruffy house. Inside were five people doing DIY. Other room was a huge bathroom! We stayed for a party (?). We were invited to stay overnight - several fold-up beds were produced. I insisted my husband phoned the B & B to say where we were (dream time showed 2.30 am).
6A 17

Dreams are usually outside with space around and some people.
6A 23-28

Running along a dark, wide road away from a large dark car. I think I went into an alleyway at the side of the road.
6A 32

I was in an ordinary high street and wanted to go to a more interesting place. Next - in town with ancient buildings. Didn’t know where I was or how to get back to hotel. Next - looking out of a window (train?) at a fast flowing river. Most spectacular scenery - huge, 20ft rocks in the river, mountains beyond. Next - inside old building, moved to another room to talk to person. Very bad weather predicted. I went back to get my luggage and we all moved into huge domed building (drew picture)- all brick walls and ceiling. Brick roof self supporting. It looked as if the bad weather would cause it to collapse, but it was hundreds of years old so I reasoned it must have withstood previous bad weather.
6A 35

Photo description - A steam train going over the level crossing at
Blue Anchor Bay with the Exmoor hills in the distance just beyond Minehead

I had been told to assemble with unknown people at a certain place. Then we went to a moors type place for exercises - army style. Next day similar with different (armed?) service and the third day with scouts.
6A 36

Don’t usually recall dreams but did through the proving.

Work dream - essence of dream. Doing my job but felt I was wasting my time because someone was doing it already, although it was my responsibility.
9A 01

Looking down at legs, both swollen ( like 2 sausage balloons with feet sticking out . - Supervisor)
9A 05

Had been dreaming, can’t remember but feel it may have been connected with my mood. (Depressed and hopeless)
9A 07

Had a dream that seemed significant and profound but couldn’t remember in the morning.
9A 08

Driving a car that went over a cliff and into the sea. Passenger in car ?who. Car went under water but didn’t fill up. Felt surprised. No feeling of panic.
9A 13 dream from - Supervisor

Dreaming a lot, very mixed up confused feeling with dreams (during fever).
9A 15

Dreamt of incident day before trying to put it right.
9A 21

Woke by dream at 4 am feeling anxious and as if suffocated and it was difficult to breath (left sinuses frontal and maxillary blocked).
9A 33 04.00

Dreamt I was in the back of a (chauffeur driven - Supervisor) limousine being given unusual presents (toys I think) Had a closed in feeling, difficult to breath. Wanted to get out of the car quickly - then woke up.
9A 33

Enormous multicoloured spider which I was quite afraid of. Couldn’t catch it. Kept changing into a normal big black spider. Lost it. Not too concerned but hoped it would stay where it was. Felt need to control it.
9A 37

Dreams but can’t remember them. Feel significant, like experiencing something new and exciting.
9A 43

At a party, took a recreational drug, white powder on a chip. Started to feel spaced out in the dream, bit scared of losing control and dying. Felt was unable to control what might happen next but wanted to enjoy the experience.
9A 45

Dreamt about lots of lovely pink flowers above my head, first painted ones then real.
9A 46

Being on holiday with wife and my parents (the children weren’t there) Nowhere in particular. Had holiday with my parents year after we were married (1980). A memory of this? [Unusual for him to dream. Peaceful feeling in dream.]
10B 02

Lots of dreams, all rubbish and confusion, delirious.
11C 07

Dreams very confused, disjointed.
11C 09

Disappeared as soon as I woke, got mixed up with thoughts of film.
13B 02

Partner driving vintage car with the Dad. I was trying to make dipstick to measure amount of fuel in tank but not much fuel left, couldn’t make a dipstick long enough.
13B 03

Image of tiny eggs hatching larvae.
13B 03

Group of people learning to play stringed instruments.
13B 03

Belgium splitting into two.
13B 04

Split in the church, lots of changes. Walking around Church fete. Cliff Richard brought out a book of prayers as a result of split.
13B 04

Barn full of bulls and I heavily pregnant talking cow. Would give birth to 100s of calves.
13B 05

Me learning to drive.
13B 05

Learning to jump really high, 100 feet in the air.
13B 05

Dreams are ramblings of a madman.
13B 05

Scavenger hunt – a group of us going through woods, rivers and caves
collecting things.
13B 06

Antarctica being divided into three.
13B 07

Weather predicting machine. Extreme heat, blood, sand, violent. Land partially flooded, rivers made it difficult to travel.
13B 07

My group split into two houses under attack by local people – should we make friends with them?
13B 08

Mouse getting across bridge, broken into lots of pieces.
13B 08

3 days before taking the remedy - had recieved it but was waiting for a suitable date with her supervisor before taking it:
Dream: somewhere, different country, beach. My friend, S, younger, had 6 month baby with her, being carefree with him, sitting by sea, she’s not paying attention to baby. She comes to me. I say you can’t leave a baby there by the sea, but saw the waves reaching the baby and him sitting there playing until the sea touched him. When we got back the baby was gone. I felt no tension no emotion – wasn’t worried. Me - an observer, mentally horrified but not able to save the baby, or have an effect on the situation, no emotions. Sense of urgency but no anxiety. Walking around edge of sea trying to find him - a hopeless task. Asking someone to get help – they’ll be here in one hours time – ‘It’ll be too late, he’ll be dead by then’. By the time I got back, S was back talking to people on beach.
03 US

Lots of different, active dreams, vivid, intense, from one to another.
14C 02

No dreams.
14C 06



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