The Homeopathic Proving

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Feel more and more fluey.
1A 02 19.00

Three people told me I looked awful.
1A 05

Bursts of energy later in the evening, felt +++, washed, ironed, tidied up, wrote letters, very busy. Still awake at 4.30.
1A 05

Increased energy in evening.
1A 06

Increased energy in eve, feel great but look tired, bags under eyes.
1A 08

Energy still +++
1A 15

Beginning to get cold like symptoms, like I usually do on the day of taking a remedy.
2B 01 12.30 RS

Not feeling tired, heavy legs, lower back pain as I always do on the first day of my period.
2B 01

Cold like symptoms stronger through the day and evening.
2B 01 RS

Cold symptoms gone by the morning.
2B 02

PMT symptoms are gone by the morning.
2B 02 US

Worse PMT I’ve had in a while. Very tense, the muscles of my shoulders and neck were hurting. Very moody and impatient.
2B 21

Restless. Usually relaxed when I take a remedy.
4C 01 12.30 US

Feel energised and want to go to the gym to stretch and work out body. (Moved around the room, playfully moving parts of her body). I want to go outside and run and be active, or run on a treadmill. Body feels a bit stiff.
4C 01 12.35 US

Restless, fiddling around with everything - her nose, neck.
4C 01 12.35 RS

I feel like I’ve just come back from a walk.
4C 01 12.40 US

Now tired, like I’ve run a marathon… well not quite.
4C 01 12.50 US

Tired physically, bright mentally.
4C 01 20 US

Fatigued much more than usual from abdominal exercise class.
4C 02 NS

Warmer all over, more than usual.
4C 02 US

No longer restless.
4C 03

Not as sluggish or bloated and heavy as I used to be.
4C 1 year

Aware of slight aches and pains.
5C 01 11.40 US

Clay like. Lumbery.
5C 01 US

No energy.
5C 01 US

Though busy, still not as tired as I usually would be.
6A 22, 28, 29

Signs of a cold developing.
6A 35

Cold didn’t develop.
6A 37

Had plenty of energy today and got lots of things done.
7B 04

Suddenly felt really dizzy, bit shaky and a bit nauseous, spaced out and weak. Had recently eaten, so not low blood sugar.
7B 19 14.30 RS

Very tired, just want to flop on the sofa. (During heavy menses).
7B 21 US

Felt cold - but room was cold.
9A 01 08-09

Several symptoms much better by evening.
9A 02

Felt happy and light all day - felt I had more energy.
9A 03

Did not feel tired despite only 4 hours or so sleep previous night.
9 03

Energy levels good to high all day.
9A 04 US

Energy levels still good worked until 11 pm, not feeling tired.
9A 05

No energy (with sore throat and fever.
9A 09 16.30

Wanting to lie down.
9A 09 18.00

Unable to get up, no energy.
9A 14 am to pm

Felt a little >, got up.
9A 14 eve

More energy.
9A 15

Felt tired, wanted to lie down.
9A 16

Low energy.
9A 16 eve

Generally feeling > Energy levels improved.
9A 17

Ran for a few miles and felt>
9A 22 am

Physically OK no symptoms.
9A 22

Low energy, very tired.
9A 32 eve

Woke by dream.
9A 33 04.00

Very cold.
9A 33

Very tired all day, irritable and angry with people at work (after only 3 hours sleep previous night)
9A 38

Energy good.
9A 41

Tired and irritable today.
9A 42

Very irritable in afternoon, > in evening after a long run.
9A 50

DIY activity using woodfiller containing styrol and benzyl peroxide; methylated spirit to clean hands. A full day decorating, sanding, on knees a fair amount. Aches and pains commensurate with this activity.
10B 02

Relatively good joints - only background pain associated with DIY.
10B 05

Sensation of being pulled to the left.
13B 01

Sensitivity/awareness of left side.
13B 01

Warmth .
13B 01

Sensation as if, numbing, right side.
13B 01

Heating getting warmer in here?
14C 01 21.00

Definitely right sided, even in body.
14C 01 21.00


By day 14: Now have the full sycotic set – Thuja is an important remedy for me but I’ve never expressed it with quite such vitality! Skin tag erupting, conjunctivitis, mucous, fishy discharge, waking at 3.00 a.m.

Day 31: ‘Antidoted’ with Lycopodium, chosen because it is a good remedy for me and includes the restless leg symptom. Supervisor felt that Causticum would have been a good remedy for me and is strongly in the restless leg symptom.
Lycopodium 30 s.d. ameliorated slowly, but it took a very long time (months) for symptoms to gradually disappear.

The symptoms in the last two weeks before Lycopodium was taken felt senseless, they somehow felt like symptoms which did not add up to a sensible whole; there was a scattered feeling, the opposite of the ‘coming together’ feeling, the sensation of integration of past selves that happened at the beginning of the proving.

On looking back, realise that about a month after taking the Lycopodium, I become very depressed about the relationship and seriously considered leaving my partner. Came through that few days with a very focused certainty that I wanted to stay in the relationship and have been consistent in working towards improving things since then. Before that I had fluctuated a lot in my thinking about it, for a long time.

Both physically and emotionally things seemed nearer the surface, but at the same time I felt a holding in/onto feeling. (Not remembering dreams, constipation, lighter periods. My twin has noticed anxiety for no apparent reason and sleeplessness. Nearly 2 weeks after completing diary feeling more settled and relaxed than over the previous 2 months. 9a

Supervisors review

Possibly remedy was antidoted on day 2 by strong smelling woodfiller, but he did take 2 more doses after this.

Although there was an amelioration in his pains immediately after taking the remedy, there was no amelioration of his arthritis generally.

[Prover did not write anything down, just talked to the supervisor on the phone]

Something went pop in the kitchen, it went off with a bang, I think it was just a bottle (on taking first dose of remedy)
14C 01

Patient phones with good news and promotion at clinic.
14C 02

Bumped into a hypnotherapist, said he is referring people to me.
14C 02

Sorted out watch (flat battery).
14C 02

Old man I chatted to, sweet man, late 60s/70s give me Xmas kiss on mouth.
14C 02


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